NEWS: Xorcom prepares to unveil it's low cost VoIP phones at IT Expo East...

We are proud to partner ViBE. ViBE is an IP tunneling and VoIP optimization protocol specifically designed to provide true Quality of Service for VoIP. Forget Xrio, forget Riverbed - our ViBE customers enjoy 25+ calls over a single ADSL link - call to see what savings you can make.

A really excellent range of phones and headsets, fantastic value from the most basic handset through to top range video phones. Read more...

Low cost SiP phones - now available in Europe from Emertec. Buy here or ask for reseller pricing - Read more.

Now available from Emertec
Emertec sells VoIP products: Xorcom asterisk-based IP PBX and Astribanks, our own recording and storage solutions, the best value SiP phones available and ViBE VoIP technology for QoS and bandwidth optimisation.
Our range is chosen for:

Reliability, performance, scalability, value and support.

Serious business PBX at prices and margins that make you smile!
PSTN to VoIP connectivity... plug n' play channel banks... Hot failover... It can only be Xorcom.

Asterisk-based IP PBX for all sizes of business...more

Channel banks-gateways: flexible, expandable, reliable - cheap!...more
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The full range of Yealink phones are now available from Emertec!
Thank you to all our clients who recommended these phones to us. Excellent quality and tremendous value, certified for use with the Xorcom range and fully self-provisioning. Fast delivery - discounted phone/headset combos for call centres, unbeatable value and now available here!
Putting Xorcom and ViBE to the test!
Xorcom is gaining ground as the IP PBX of choice for serious telephony applications and ViBE is changing the business model for Call Shops and ISP's as well as delivering massive savings to the Enterprise... But don't just take our word for it. Xorcom has recently published the Load Test results for the XR3000 which we can share with you, and Voipex took their technoolgy to Broadband Testing in Andorra -
which produced an in-depth report on all aspects of ViBE - we recommend that you read both of these - it doesn't take a good deal of imagination to see what a difference both technologies could make to your business - but call us and we can sort out real ROI figures as the icing on the cake.
30% growth for Open Source IP-PBX
Seize the opportunity! It may have taken longer to happen than many of us hoped, but Open Source IP PBX solutions have come of age. The chart on the left is the product of a comprehensive research project by The Eastern Management Group It was based on in-put from over 7000 surveys and shows beyond doubt that Open Source IP PBX has stepped out from it's niche/geek nursery, and into the mainstream, accounting for 18% of installed end-points in the PBX market in North America last year - a whopping 30% growth.