Developed for the Market Research Industry

Dial modes, control, monitoring and reporting

INVADE supports Manual Dialling, Preview Dialling, Progressive Dialling and Predictive Dialling. Of course the choice of dialling mode is up to the Manager, but the predictive Dialling engine is an intrinsic part of the Dialler core.

The predictive dialler can be configured using a range of static and dynamic parameters to ensure compliance to regional standards or legislation.

The Tool Suite provides access to real time and historical statistical information for campaigns covering calls outcomes and current states, interviewer activities, line and route usage and current and historical physical dialler performance.
Supervisors are provided with tools to help them manage their interviewing teams, and monitor and report on their productivity. They can observe live calls through the monitor, coach or barge facility. Individual interviewer performance can be viewed and compared in many ways and other tools allow the Supervisor to create a visual representation of the call centre rooms showing the location and states of each interviewer.

Call charge tariffs can be easily created and edited and user definable call cost reports produced to aid billing. Call details can be searched on by number and other criteria, data retrieved (to include call recordings where available) and the data exported into various formats.

Early Media Analysis - compensating for SIP's poor signalling

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Diallers need reliable signalling to know if a call is ringing, or has failed (call progress) otherwise the dialler has to wait for a time-out or connect. Often, as in the case of many SIP trunks, call progress signalling is not available from the carrier.

Early media analysis – EMA, is INVADE’s preferred solution - we examine the early media of the call; tones and messages that are ‘on the line’ before the call is connected.

We’ve seen its use bring productivity gains in talk time of between 15-30% as standard, but up to 80% in extreme cases – depending on the quality of the sample and SIP behaviour.

Fast Network Answering Machine Detection

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Many well-known dialler vendors think that ‘only’ 3% of false positives is an excellent result…

This precludes the use of AMD with Predictive Dialling as one would always breach the upper limit for abandoned calls, and ‘persistent misuse’ powers carry a crippling fine.
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INVADE provides a unique patent-pending solution to Answering Machine Detection.

FastAMD delivers zero % false positives and importantly takes only milliseconds to decide whether the call is live so the recipient does not perceive the call to be ‘automated’.

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Adding FastAMD to predictive campaigns allows overdial at a much greater rate as the number of expected VM’s can be factored in.

The dialler disposes of more fruitless calls so interviewers don't have to and talk time increases.