Seminars and Workshops
Learn more about the Asterisk/VoIP technology landscape and meet suppliers in an environment where awkward questions are positively encouraged. We are currently scheduling free 1/2 day seminars to run through 2012. There are several seminar types, each emphasize imparting tips and real-world knowledge and are on topics such as switching to an Asterisk IP PBX from a traditional PBX, getting the most from your Asterisk based voice solution in an SMB, to how to achieve a successful Asterisk/Sugar CRM implementation or how to plan for and manage rapid recovery in a critical call centre. Resellers also benefit from a range of educational seminars designed to bring their engineers and sales people up-to-speed with the latest product developments from our suppliers. Please register your interest as the locations will be influenced by demand.
Developer, Installer and End-User Training
We support our Resellers and their Clients with a range of value for money training courses and consultancy where the emphasis is on solving the real world problems we face everyday. These are hands-on courses delivered by experienced Asterisk implementors, people who have programmed, installed and supported VoIP kit in the field and know how different this experience can be from classroom conditions. All attendees are entitled to a free ‘hand-holding’ period and a 1/2 day refresher course 3 months after their training which provides an opportunity to discuss any issues and learn from others experiences.