The Xorcom Family provides bullet proof enterprise class Asterisk-based hardware.
Not all Asterisk appliances are born equal, when choosing your system consider these issues carefully:


And just as important is Support.

Xorcom kit runs many mission critical call centers and myriad small/medium businesses. They know what makes a great solution and it is the add-ons like Twinstar failover and Rapid Recovery together with some of the most responsive support people in the industry that escalates the Xorcom range to a worldclass telephony solution upon which you can safely build your business.

Cheap systems that fail in the field can lose you a customer and cost you your reputation. That is why we work with Suppliers that share our commitment to Value, Performance, Reliability and Support. We have staked our business on the quality of the systems we distribute and we are confident that you can too. If things do go wrong, we are committed to supporting you and your end-user. We have the resources and expertise to respond swiftly and intelligently to problems and should an issue need to be escalated we are on the case. Our suppliers are responsive and flexible and the maturity of the Xorcom range means that myriad user experiences have been incorporated into the creation of their robust, high performing appliances and channel banks.

Certified Xorcom Support Specialists can provide you with quick and targeted support.

All Xorcom products come with a 12 month warranty that must be activated upon installation. Our resellers can purchase an extended warranty of 2-3 years at a reasonable cost too, and can of course sell this to their customers.

Where budgets allow, we strongly recommend the installation of
Twinstar and Rapid Recovery at your client site and suggest that you use the Rapid Tunneling as a customer support aid. We can support you through the same means.
Contact support: +44 1273 270 270 or email us.