"Emertec sells 3 key technologies that meet our criteria for Reliability, Performance, Scalability, Value & Support - and give you, the reseller the opportunity to differentiate yourselves in a competitive marketplace."
Xorcom IP PBX's and channel banks - If your company builds or resells IP telephony solutions we believe that there are some unique features of the Xorcom hardware range that will persuade you to switch to supplying your solution on Xorcom platforms - take a look at the Astribank, Twinstar and Rapid Recovery pages here, and ask us about experiences with kit in the field - and of course pricing.

ViBE bandwidth and QoS optimization - We think that ViBE provides one of the best reseller opportunities in the VoIP marketplace - how many of your clients will be delighted with 25+ voice calls - plus data - on a single ADSL link?

Oscom Handsets - Desktop IP phones are often overpriced - supplying OSCOM handsets may make the price difference that wins you the sale - and your clients will still enjoy great voice quality. Where top-of-the-range really counts, there is Polycom, but for everyday business and call centre use there is OSCOM.

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