The Xorcom Family provides bullet proof enterprise class Asterisk-based hardware. When you are deciding on what hardware to run your Asterisk-based telephony solution, bear in mind that not all Asterisk appliances are born equal. Consider these issues carefully:


But just as important is Support.

Xorcom kit runs many mission critical call centers and myriad small/medium businesses. They know what makes a great solution and it is the add-ons like Twinstar failover and Rapid Recovery together with some of the most responsive support people in the industry that escalates the Xorcom range from a decent Asterisk-based technology, to a worldclass telephony solution upon which you can safely build your business.

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ISP's, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers can provide off-the-shelf solutions to their SME customers - and improve their revenue streams... Emertec will be enhancing its offerings for ISP's wanting to deliver VoIP solutions and we are currently evaluating several hosted solutions to offer to our ISP clients.

Replacing Landline for Outgoing/Incoming Calls


Replacing Cell Networks for Outgoing Calls in the Business Facilities

CLECs: Xorcom is perfect for your SMB client

Replacing Landline for Outgoing/Incoming Calls Xorcom’s XR1000 stand-alone IP-PBX system provides CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) the best and most cost-effective Asterisk appliance to penetrate the SMBs (Small and Medium Business) market.

The XR1000 is a complete, stand-alone, fully-featured Asterisk appliance with FXS, FXO and BRI extensions. It is available in dozens of models to satisfy the requirements of small- to medium-sized businesses.

The XR1000 Asterisk appliance provides your customers with the most advanced IP-PBX, pre-configured to your service. Your customer may keep his existing PSTN lines (for backup, and to keep his published numbers for incoming calls), while the default outbound traffic is routed through your service.

The XR1000 connects to the PSTN for incoming calls only (preserving the existing phone numbers) and for backup (lowering entry barrier for the VoIP provider). All outgoing calls are routed via the VoIP service.
Replacing Cell Networks for Outgoing Calls in the Business Facilities
This service is applicable for customer using dual-mode GSM/SIP mobile phones. Once an employee enters the office, the XR1000 automatically registers the SIP client and all outgoing calls are routed via the VoIP service. For more information about how to integrate dual-mode phones in the IP-PBX, see the recorded Webinar entitled "Cut Costs and Increase Accessibility: Mobile Extensions on the IP-PBX" on the Resources page.