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For many years Emertec Ltd. has been a leading distributor of Asterisk-based PBX appliances and channel banks. Its well established relationships with manufacturers allows it to provide superlative support to its key business partners in their industry sectors, in whatever part of the globe they choose to do business.

Listening to the needs of its partners, Emertec has broadened its range to include not only the core Appliances and Gateways which support both VoIP and analog lines and are available in anything up to ultra high-density 16 PRI units and the robust IP PBX family including the asterisk-based EME3000’s – but a full range of bespoke servers particularly suited to use in 24/7 call centre operation and designed to optimise the performance of the specialist telephony applications they run. The system offerings are further complemented by a range of affordable phones and headsets – chosen for excellent voice quality and ease of commissioning.

Reflecting our partner’s emphasis on global business, Emertec has responded to demand and is now able to provide local-based support through a global network of engineers in 100+ countries and has formalised its partnership with DTAsia, and Emertec Asia now serves our clients in Asia PAC.
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The EME3000 is a robust telephony engine and has dual hard drives as standard (RAID1) and redundant fans for cooling. The administrator can perform many common functions, trouble-shooting and maintenance directly from the LCD front panel. These are assembled in the UK and can be pre-configured to run specialised MR dialler software. Contact InVADE for the full details of the software and its licensing options.
Asterisk distribution
Elastix version 2.2x
Asterisk version
Linux version
CentOS 5.x
Based on FreePBX
Rapid Tunneling™
Utility providing remote access for product support purposes

Intel i3 2120
4 GB
Hard disk
From 250GB 2.5" (optional upgrade to 500GB)
RAID1Dual hard drive for increased system reliability
3 redundant fans
Echo Cancellation moduleVoice enhancement & echo cancellation (optional)
4 external USB 2.0
Analog Lines Fail-overIn case of power outage or an Asterisk malfunction, up to six analog PSTN lines are routed directly to predetermined analog extensions.
I/O PortsInput/Output ports for Asterisk peripheral device support (model-specific)
Rapid PA™Public Address capability for FXS port(s) (optional and model-specific)
Astribank units)
Astribank units)
Maximum number of concurrent calls
480 *Depends on codec used
Maximum number of built in analog ports
32 (additional ports with external
Number of E1 / T1 ports
4 (up to 120 concurrent PRI/R2/CAS calls)
Maximum telephony modules supported internally
4 (additional ports are supported by adding
Maximum number of telephony ports supported internally
144 (4x E1 PRI/R2/CAS + 24 analog ports)
Supported telephony modules
Power supply
Switching, auto adjust 110/220 Volts, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
230 Watts (maximum)
Built in grounding connection
Storage temperature
-20° to 70° Celsius (-4°-158° F)
Working temperature
0° to 40° Celsius (32°-104° F)
20%-95%, non condensing
Dimensions and Weight
8 Kg 18Lbs (weight may vary and depends on configuration)
19" 2U industry standard rack-mountable chassis