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ITExpo - Miami Beach

So, looks like we might be getting snow in the UK next week. Hooray!!! I wont be here... Next week ITExpo East lands in sunny Miami Beach, Florida, and of course I really have to go. Actually it is the Xorcom Global Partners meeting too, so it really is important that I go... Honest... Does it sound like I’m trying just a tinsy bit too hard? Sorry, it’s the guilt - I wouldn’t feel the need to justify going if it was somewhere wet and cold, but it’s not, like I said, it’s Miami Beach. Hooray!

If all of the pre-convention publicity is to be believed, ITExpo does look set to be a really good event, every day TMC email me about new facets of the Expo to fascinate and delight; we should be able to find some great new VoIP products to bring back. Also I am looking forward to learning more about Xorcom’s Video Conferencing Solution and anything else new they have coming down the tracks - I’ll be blogging from the Expo so you’ll get to hear all the news - I might add some pictures and videos too.

If you are planning on attending be sure to look me up - I’ll be the one in sunglasses and beach shoes, just in case I get to catch a few minutes sun between sessions - or there is a fire drill and we need to evacuate...

Damn! Just checked the 10 day forecast for Miami... Maybe I’ll be the one with the dripping umbrella and squelchy feet instead. Oh well, less to distract me from work... and I wont lose credibility by coming back with the hint of a tan.